39% Ingramer Promo Code – Why Ingramer is the best Insta Automation Tool?

How Ingramer is Helpful for Growing Instagram Followers

Instagram is a powerful social media platform for digital marketers. Statistics say 70% of Instagram users admit to looking up a brand on Instagram. With these stats you would think more marketers are on Instagram yet only 36% of marketers are on Instagram compared to 93% on Facebook.

If you are wondering how to grow your followers and influence on Instagram, you are right on time. This Ingramer tool we are about to discuss is the ultimate Instagram bot. Plus, we have a juicy Ingramer Coupon Code to sweeten the deal.

What is Ingramer?

As briefly mentioned , Ingramer is a powerful Instagram bot. Ingramer allows you to automate the day-to-day runnings of an Instagram account. The execution of the tasks is so immaculate that even the stringent Instagram crawlers will not be able to discover it’s a bot and cancel your account.

Ingramer is the solution to running multiple Instagram accounts successfully without having to do everything manually.

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How about we learn about some of the features?

Ingramer Features

  1. Human-like Characteristics

The truth is, Instagram is very harsh on bots running accounts as humans. For this reason, Ingramer has mastered how to run your account like a human. This includes keeping a sleep-wake schedule, performing a maximum of 1250 tasks a day, and paying attention to your time zone.

So, you can follow and unfollow people automatically, find and like, comment, or DM influential Instagram influencers who can have a huge impact on your account, and refine your Instagram followers into a pool of highly targeted customers.

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  1. Full Control

Even though a bot is doing the daily running of your Instagram accounts, you still maintain complete control over every single task. This means Ingramer granulates the settings as much as possible so that nothing in your account happens by default. As a result, you are able to effectively maintain your accounts without much of the labour-intensive tasks.

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  1. Gifts and Bonuses

Ingramer lets you create fun activities for your followers to keep them interested in your brand. You can use this feature to exponentially grow your followers by offering gifts to everyone who gets a certain number of people to follow you.

This is a great way to interact with your followers and create a more personal relationship. In the end, you will have more followers, more influence, and a pool of loyal customers.

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Ingramer Pricing

Truth be told, Ingramer is a bit much on the pricing front. I do not mean that it is expensive, rather it offers pricing in different modules.

Here is Ingramer’s pricing

Promo Module

2-Weeks: Charges $37/account

1-Month: Costs $57/account

3-Months: Valued at $144/account


Direct Module

2-Weeks: Goes for $19/account

1-Month: Charges $29/account

3-Months: Costs $74/account


Scheduled Posting

2-Weeks: Charges $12/account

1-Month: Costs $18/account

3-Months: Goes for $46/account


Hashtag Generator

2-Weeks: Valued at $14/account

1-Month: Costs $22/account

3-Months: Charges $42/account

As you can see, it’s quite a breakdown. You can combine different modules to get multiple services. It may seem like a lot but with our Ingramer Coupon Code, it is not. Try our Ingramer Coupon Code now and see how drastic the change in pricing will be.


Ingramer is a powerful Instagram bot and a must-have for every Instagram marketer. If you want to really grow your followers, now you know what to do. Grab our Ingramer Coupon Code and get scaling.